Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"There are only two kinds of men in this world: Honest men and dishonest men. There are black men and white men and yellow men and red men, but nothing counts except whether they're honest men or dishonest men. 
"Some men work almost entirely with their brains; some almost entirely with their hands; though most of us have to use both. But we all fall into one of the two classes - honest and dishonest.
"Any man who says the world owes him a living is dishonest. The same God that made you and me made this earth. And He planned it so that it would yield every single thing that the people on it need. But He was careful to plan it so that it would only yield up its wealth in exchange for the labor of man. Any man who tries to share in that wealth without contributing the work of his brain or his hands is dishonest."
Quote from: Little Britches - Father and I Were Ranchers by Ralph Moody

   When Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden they were instructed that from that point on by the sweat of their brow they would eat their bread. That is the world into which we all were born. The color of a person's skin doesn't matter to the earth or to God, nor should it matter to any one of us. The caliber of a person is all that matters. The choices they make are based on their core beliefs. If at their core they are dishonest, that dishonesty will be reflected in the way they conduct themselves. 

   There is only a finite amount of resources on this earth. If you want some of those resources, without contributing towards them, then you are expecting to take it from someone else. You want what others have but are unwilling to work for it yourself. This is stealing. I know people need assistance at times and there are programs in place for them. I've needed assistance before and I had to ask for it. When I was again able to support myself and my family, I got off the assistance. There are different circumstances everywhere but the mentality of the individual is the key. If you believe the world owes you a living, then you believe that it is alright to take from others what they've worked to gain in order to support you in your idleness. 

   Christ teaches us that if we have, we are to give. He gave the the ultimate example of giving even to those who might not be worthy of such gifts when he suffered for all of us. Clearly there is a need for us to give charitably and without prejudice. My family and I participate in crop gleanings for the Maryland Food Bank. We pick produce that would otherwise go to waste to support those who don't know where they're next meal is coming from. I have heard of people abusing this program. People getting hand outs when they don't need them. While it is frustrating that our hard work goes to people like that, I know that there are honest people in trouble that benefit from our efforts. It's not my place to judge. Each individual is accountable for their own actions. While we can't make people be honest, we CAN teach our children to be honest, to work with their hands or brains or both for their bread.

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