Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Is he well educated?"
"Yes, I think so, as far as he's gone," I answered. "Of course he will go on being educated every day of his life, same as father. He says it is all rot about 'finishing' your education. You never do. You learn more important things each day, and by the time you are old enough to die, you have almost enough sense to know how to live comfortably. Pity, isn't it?"
Quote from: Laddie: A True Blue Story by Gene Stratton-Porter

   It certainly is a pity that it takes almost until the end of our lives before we start figuring out life. I guess until they develop a microchip that they can insert into our brains with all the knowledge mankind has collected thus far, we just have to do the collecting ourselves. With a database so large we can never learn all there is to know so we just have to focus on what interests us and what we find useful to know. But to think that you ever finish learning is rather naive. I must confess, I was rather naive. When I finished my bachelor's degree, I knew that I had learned one important thing, and that was how to research topics. However, I thought I wouldn't need to anymore. I thought I could coast and never study again. Not long after, I was in Ft. Rucker, Alabama going through Army flight school trying to keep up with the curriculum and wishing for the easier days in college. Well, when that was all over, then I was sure that I could coast again. I guess that's why it was surprising to me how some of the things Oliver DeMille wrote in his Thomas Jefferson Education book series were so inspiring to me. I have a deep desire to see my children educated. But in order for them to be inspired to learn, they need to see me inspired to learn. As I read I am inspired to read and learn more. I often ask my kids to tell me one thing they learned today. I try to impress on them that a day in which nothing is learned is a day wasted.

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