Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"All life is based on decisions. Decide now on what you'd like to become and what you would like to do. The two are not necessarily the same, although sometimes they can be."
Quote from: The Lonesome Gods by  Louis L'Amour

   In 1988 a little boy of seven years got the idea from his older brother to become a helicopter pilot. The idea stuck. Twenty years later that boy's goal was realized when he went to flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Today I still fly helicopters. I decided then what I wanted to do, but what I want to be is a little less clear. Of course I want to be a good husband and father. I think there are still some decisions that need to be made to get me there. But on a larger scale I'm a little at a loss. 

   I find myself often thinking how great it would be to make it into the history books. To have people study about you and the great things you did. Who wouldn't want that? Then I find myself stumped at how to get to that point. After that a part of me checks my vanity and I question if that is truly a worthy goal or just something to inflate my ego. Finally I end up coming to the conclusion that in the end, the only thing that really matters is not my standing among great men and women of history but my standing with God. Perhaps there is a great mission for me to complete on this earth, perhaps not. The only thing I know is my mission to raise my children in righteousness and prepare myself and my family for eternity.

   I recently explained to my boys the Tower of Babel and why it was wrong of the people to try and build a tower to heaven. The thing is, the path to heaven is not laid brick by brick. Instead it is laid decision by decision. 


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